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Njovu Clan

The Njovu Clan is one of the 56 recognised clans of Buganda.Their official website has many interesting and well researched articles relating to Kiganda culture. Written by Ssalongo Batte this website offers many insights into rituals and cultural practices surrounding birth, upbringing, marriage and death.

Daily Monitor Newspaper

Daily Monitor Newspaper

Uganda's daily newspaper

Jon & Lauren's Blog

This well articulated and interesting blog follows the travels and experiences of two warm 20-somethings. I love Jon and Lauren's spot on and honest thoughts about Uganda and now Ireland. They post photos, short videos, stories about their daily life and not-so-daily adventures, and their views on what’s going on in the world.

An eye on what's on and what's here in Kampala

An eye on what's on and what's here in Kampala

The Eye, a bi monthly "Time Out" like magazine, has just gone cyber. What gives this travel advice website the edge over other similar sites is the informative articles about events, culture, charity and tourist attractions in Uganda; not to mention the lush photographs and a useful "what's on" guide.

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