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Welcome to my blog, or rather the letters and diary entries I would like to send home.

When I first developed this site I was living in Kampala, Uganda with my then fiancÚ and now husband FX. It's the usual story of boy meets girl, girl journeys to a new land to be with boy and so on so forth. Girl grapples with new culture and finds a way to write down observations about her adopted home.

I'm originally from Dublin, Ireland. I first moved to Uganda with Project Trust in 1999 where I volunteered as a primary and secondary school teacher in the village of Bulenga. After university I took up residence in a suburb of Kampala between 2005 and 2007 and worked with Uganda Crafts 2000, a fair trade retailer specialising in the export of hand woven Ugandan baskets. Hired mainly for my marketing skills, I also coordinated training programmes and worked on product development and design.

When I was there, my unpronounceable name was put to one side and I became known as MacCool. For some I was even known as Nansubuga, which would be followed by copious laughter. Now based in England, having lived and worked in Ireland and Northern Ireland, people are back calling me Muireann...or at least attempting to pronounce it. I have three children and I reckon my new nickname would be YourHandsFull, which is something I hear every day.

If you like a blog or picture or even found it useful send me a tweet @maccoolkyeyune

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