Muireann taking photos in Uganda


Mac Cool's Uganda Letter

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Putting Pen to Paper for my next Ugandan Adventure

Travelling with children to Uganda


From preparing for the trip to how we managed three children over 11 days in one of Africaís most beautiful countries.

Iím rolling up my sleeves for our biggest adventure yet; a homecoming to Kampala to see family and friends in 2015.

Itís been five years since we tucked into a proper plate of Posho and beans and enjoyed the sounds of a city watching World Cup football as we trundled around with our then one year old. We now have three boys under six years of age and we are confidently told the landscape of Kampala life has changed. So too has finding out about this vibrant city.

If I have time I hope to muse in my blog about all the preparation that we are doing, the random things I have found on the internet that have helped and our experiences of getting jabbed and packed up .

In between figuring out how to wash my childrenís clothes and keep my sanity on the compound I will keep a note book and return to the blog to make sense of my experiences.

Enjoy my letters home,


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