Muireann taking photos in Uganda


Mac Cool's Uganda Letter

Photographs and Stories by Muireann Mac Cool


U g a n d a    T r a v e l    T i p s

Hello Friends, relatives and anyone that stumbles onto this page. My advice is specific to Irish and UK visitors that intend to travel to my wedding in 2007 but will be useful all the same for anyone who intends to travel to Uganda.

Advice #1- Ugandans use the same electricity sockets as us. So pack the GHD and hairdryer if you like but don't pack the charger!

Advice #2- Don't bring dollar notes printed before the year 2000 as you will find it near impossible to change them into Ugandan Shillings.

Advice #3- Bring one pair of jeans- trust me no matter what any one says about Africa you will find an appropriate time to wear them in Uganda.

I've written more detailed advice in the links below. Enjoy.

Vaccinations and First Aid Kits

Advice on what to get and what to pack in that First Aid kit for your adventure to Uganda.

Cultural Shockers

Isn't it the little things that shock us most when we visit a new culture. Here are but a few:

Wash Your Hands

Avoid faux pas, impress the locals and dodge Delhi Belly by washing your hands before you eat!