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Uganda Crafts 2000 moves Kampala shop

01 Jun 2008

After twenty odd years at Teacher's House, Uganda Crafts 2000 finally makes the move to a newer retail unit at Locust House, Bombo Road.

The first Fair Trade retailer and exporter of crafts in Uganda, Uganda Crafts 2000, decided to move premises to nearby Locust House in late 2007. The building is right next door to Teacher's House/ Bat Valley Little Flowers on Bombo Road and so will be easy to find for old customers.

Ninah Kinene, manager at Uganda Crafts 2000 said of the new shop,"We are very happy to be here. It's clean, our customers have better parking and good toilet facilities. We have gotten positive reactions from our customers. Our artisans are still able to congregate on Fridays outside"

Sadly the much loved leather workshop was not able to move with Uganda Crafts 2000 and have instead set up in Bugalobi. However their work is still available at Uganda Crafts 2000 and the staff are happy to take customised orders on their behalf for sandals.

Betty Kinene, managing director of Uganda Crafts 2000 said "The move is not easy as the rent is much higher, but our export business is growing and we hope the customers will like our new shop and help us make this a sucess". Customers are already liking the changes. The shop is brighter so it is easier to select from the wide range of crafts. Staff have noticed a larger draw from the local population and believe this is important for the craft industry in Kampala. Newer stores such as Banana Boat over the last five years have taken a greater share of the market and influences the industry considerably. Betty Kinene believes, however, that Uganda Crafts 2000 must stick to their core values of Fair Trade and high quality to retain their market position. "Our suppliers have been with us for year's, they are part of the Uganda Crafts family. When we do well, they do well. We train, we educate, we encourage and our customers support this"

For more information about Uganda Crafts visit their website

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