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Vaccinations and First Aid Kits

14 Oct 2006

Advice on what to get and what to pack in that First Aid kit for your adventure to Uganda.

Please consult a qualified pysician before you travel for the best advice. I'm no expert and my advice is not written in stone..this is after all a blog.

You will need get vaccinations against:
Yellow Fever
Hepatitis A & B (get it early)
Diptheria/ Tetanus combo

I don't mention Rabies because you would have to be very unlucky to be attacked by a dog or monkey or whatever if you are only coming for 2 weeks. If you intend to work with animals then that is another story. I once got the shots but they are out of date now. I'm not getting them again because #1 I live at a hospital and can get the treatment injections #2 Because even though you can get the injections you will still need to be injected after you are bitten.

First Aid Kit:
If you are coming to visit me then you don't need a first aid kit because everything is here and easier still because FX works at the hospital. It's silly really what you think you might need.

You are more likely to catch a cold or flu than Colera or Meningitis or anything nasty. Think about what you are prone to especially after flying and bring the medicine/ointment etc that you'd usually use. Despite the 34oC outside I've got a runny nose and a sore throat. Lucky for me I have my Lemsip and UniFlu from Ireland. Alas I've run out of my Dispirin (they don't have that here) but Francis has prescribed antibiotics so I'm on the mend. If you re the type that is prone to something like athlettes foot then bring the stuff for it. Bring lip balm for the lips cause they always chap and if you think you need to bring a plaster or two do but you don't need to.
Aftersun and perhaps an antihistmine cream for bites are good but don't get biten is better. Lash on the AUTAN mosquito repelant.

Also the tablets for preventing malaria.

In summary:
Autan Mosquito replenant
lip balm
Sun block and aftersun
Anti Malarials
stuff incase you get a cold or flu
Stuff if you are prone to something like ulcers, cold sores, athletes foot etc.

Photo of Needle: Royalty Free Getty Images, Photo of Autan products:

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