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Mad Cow Chicken

23 Aug 2006

Morning folks- ever felt like a mad cow chicken? Well I do today.Every where I look are animals.

If the bird flu was to hit Uganda we'd all be running around and dropping dead like headless chickens. A hospital seems like an unlikely place for chickens to live and yet at every turn in the compound (albeit not in the wards)there are random chickens. When I was living in A6 with FX any morning that you wanted a lie in was the very morning that the blooming cock would nestle himself under your window waiting for 6am. Cock a doodle doo! And I'm awake :O)

Kampala is a chicken, cow and goat friendly city. It is not unheard of to see a goat wandering up Kampala's main thouroughfare Kampala Road. Cows relax at round-abouts and chickens can be found almost everywhere.

Chickens can be pretty much bought at every main road junction in the surrounding residential areas of Kampala. The main markets sellers always complain about this because these chicken hawkers (no pun intended) don't pay taxes or rental fees for setting up their chickens on the side of the road.

Apart from the farm animals, Kampala is also host to stray cats and dogs and butterflies.

All's well with me but I'm feeling mad cow chicken today. It's an odd sort of feeling, not quite mad but not quite flu. It'll pass. But in truth I think it is only another way of saying I'm home sick. Missing my mates. It's not that I want to get on the next flight home cause that would be mad but none the less I miss you guys.

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