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My new home!

14 Aug 2006

We've finally moved out of our one room "house" into a decent 2 bedroom house.

It's been so exciting to move out of our other room into a proper house. It took 3 evenings to move all our stuff. I knew we had a lot but I don't think I realised until it came to moving it.

Robin, our first guest from Scotland came and saw the house. It's great for me knowing someone I know from home can share in my joy. It's still upside down. Francis has been assembling a "dining set" of 6 chairs and a table from Malaysia so there is cardboard and plastic everywhere.

The bedroom is so sweet and luckily the double fits. The sunlight comes streaming in the window in the morning. The kitchen is separate room but the maintenance guys haven't cleared it out yet so the hallway sink area is doubling up as a kitchen.

I'll pop photos up on the blog site for a limited time only.

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